Super Phoenix can be controlled by the keyboard, mouse, or any other InputSprocket device. The controls can be redefined by choosing Controls from the Settings menu. There are several default settings for the keyboard, including sets for left handed players and those with small keyboards.

My personal preference is the keyboard, although this makes turning accurately more difficult. You may wish to use a mouse (or joystick) to turn and the keyboard to thrust and slew.

Default Key



Keypad 8 Thrust
Keypad 5 Retro
Keypad 4 Turn Left
Keypad 6 Turn Right
Q Slew Left
W Slew Right
Space Fire Primary Weapon
Command (Apple) Fire Secondary Weapon
Tab Evasive Manoeuvre Not yet implemented
Shift Summon Wingman Not yet implemented
Control Dismiss Wingman Not yet implemented
Option (Alt) Change Formation Not yet implemented
P Pause
Escape Quit Stops the game so you can use the menu. You can then choose Quit from the File menu to exit the program or Continue Game to carry on.