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File Continue Game Starts the game or continues a suspended game.
Quit Exits the game.

Edit All Items Not yet implemented

Settings Controls… Configure the controls using InputSprocket.

Release Mode Selects options suitable for running the game full screen on a fast computer.
Development Mode Selects options suitable for running the game in a small window with testing feedback.

Don't Start Straight Away When turned on, the game will wait for Continue Game to be selected before starting. When off, the game will start immediately. This is mainly useful for testing.
Full Screen Uses DrawSprocket to switch into full screen mode using the window size specified below.
Sync With Monitor When turned on, the frame rate will be lower but the animation may look smoother.
Show Frame Rate Shows the number of animation frames rendered per second (FPS) in the top left corner of the window. The other number is the number of times the physics calculation is made each frame.
Hide Mouse Pointer When turned on, the mouse pointer will be hidden when the game is being played. Turning this option off is only useful for testing.
Render Fog When turned on, distant objects will be obscured by fog. Turn this option off if you can't see the ground.




Choose one of these options to specify which present window size you would like. This also sets the screen resolution that will be used when the Full Screen option is turned on

Thousands of Colours

Millions of Colours

Specifies the number of colours that will be used when in full screen mode. Certain graphics cards will perform better when thousands of colours is chosen.