Thorn - interceptor


Fairly manoeuvrable, speedy and reasonably well defended. Primary weapons are dual blasters, secondary are dual Primusses.

It’s an average ship, doing all things reasonably well. Having better shields than most of the other ships, the Thorn is good for ramming your opponents.

Phoenix - light fighter


More manoeuvrable than the Thorn, but slower and weaker. Primary weapons are dual plasma guns (pretty deadly!), secondary are dual Primusses.

Because the Phoenix has its weapons on the end of its wings, it can be quite hard to hit your target. Use the fast slew jets on this ship to get behind and closer to your opponent. The lower speed of the Phoenix makes pursuit or escape quite difficult, but using both thrust and slew controls at the same time increases your acceleration.

Trident - heavy fighter


Extremely unmanoeuvrable, but with very high forward acceleration and powerful, rapidly recharging shields. Primary weapons are dual cannons, secondary is a single heavy Primus.

Don’t try to engage in a turning match when flying this ship, just face your opponent and charge them! When fighting against a Trident, you sometimes have to use your slew jets to move into your opponent’s line of fire in order to be able to hit them at all, due to their high speed. If you have trouble destroying Tridents because they run away at high speed when you knock their shields down, try getting behind or in front of them so they can’t get out of your way.

Dart - light defense ship


Reasonably manoeuvrable, but slow and weak. Primary weapon is a single blaster, secondary is a single plasma gun.

Because the weapons are mounted on the centreline, it’s quite easy to aim at your target. However, because there’s only one of each gun on the ship (rather than one on each wing) it fires at half the speed of the other ships. It is possible to destroy any of the other ships with the Dart, but you have to get in very close and avoid being hit by anything. It’s greatest strength is its small size - it’s very difficult to hit!

Hammer - fast heavy fighter

Good forward acceleration, good turning, but poor retros and slew jets. Primary weapons are dual heavy blasters, secondary is a double plasma gun.

You can't rely on reversing away from your enemies with this ship, and it's easier to turn around and brake with your main engine that to use your retros. On the other hand, it's good for hit and run attacks. When tackling a Hammer, remember that it can't back away from you very easily, so if you dash towards it (not down its line of fire, obviously, but to the side!), you can hit it while it's trying to get back out to its preferred firing range.

Delta - light delta winged fighter

Small and speedy, but with fairly slow firing weapons. Primary weapons are synchronous dual plasma guns, secondary weapon is a single primus.

Providing you aim your fire, the primary weapons are extremely damaging and are most useful when your target is low on shields (because if the first shot knocks out the shields and the second always hits the hull). The secondary weapon is most useful for those situations where you cruise to a halt behind a stationary enemy ship that’s concentrating on something else.

Eagle - lightweight fighter

Very fast and fairly manoeuvrable, but of only average resilience. Primary weapons are fanned dual phasers, secondary weapons are dual primusses.

Due to the use of phasers in the primary slot, it is important to remember to let go of the trigger occasionally and switch to the primus to finish off your target. The Eagle is a dangerous foe, especially in the company of more powerful allies, because it can easily disable your shields in less than a second, leaving you vulnerable to critical damage. Give it a wide berth when it's firing its phasers!