Blaster - light particle bolt weapon


Fires fast moving bolts which cause a small fixed amount of damage. Blaster bolts are quite concussive, and may cause your ship to spin violently if you get caught in a volley.

This weapon is useful for attacking enemies that are using short range primusses. Its high firing rate increases the likelihood that hits against unshielded targets will cause an engine fire.

Primus - instantaneous plasma beam


Fires a lightning quick stream of plasma that is most powerful closest to the firing ship. Hits at the tip of the beam may cause almost no damage, but point blank range hits can completely knock out a ship’s shields.

The Primus is one of the easiest to aim weapons, although you have to get in quite close to be effective.

Heavy Primus - instantaneous plasma beam

Heavy Primus

A heavier, longer range, slower firing version of the above. At point blank range, this weapon can completely destroy any ship in two shots!

In order to hit your target with a heavy Primus, you must aim carefully and wait for the right moment to fire - continuous fire will not be very effective.

Cannon - conventional automatic gun

Fires metal slugs which are quickly slowed by air friction. The effects of friction on the fired rounds is useful, because although the rounds travel a shorter distance if you’re flying forwards, they go further if you’re reversing! Cannon rounds are highly concussive.

The cannon is extremely difficult to use, but is good for holding enemies at bay while you reverse out of danger.

Plasma Gun - accelerated plasma bolt weapon

Plasma Gun

Fires slow moving but accurate plasma bolts. Bolts from this weapon have very little concussive energy, so they can’t be used to keep an opponent at bay, but they cause a fair amount of damage.

The long stream of energy makes the plasma bolt most effective if fired when slewing. This makes it more likely that some part of the bolt will hit the target.