uDevGames 2003: Yoink is a winner!


Yoink was my entry in the uDevGames 2003 contest. uDevGames is an annual event held by the iDevGames Mac game development website.

Yoink won in two categories, coming first in originality and fifth in graphics. Yoink also came sixth in gameplay and was judged to be the sixth best game overall. Needless to say I am very happy with the results! Many thanks to everyone who voted for Yoink, and congratulations to all the other winners!

Although the contest is over, many of the games are still available from this thread in the forum. If you haven’t already tried them all, take a look – there were some excellent games this year.

Sadly, the iDevGames forum is no more, so that link doesn’t work, but I’ve left it in for posterity.