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Yoink is available for the Mac again!


About eight months have passed since I released the Windows version, most of which were not spent on making the Mac version work, but it’s finally done. It wasn’t terribly difficult to get it working, with only a couple of …


Yoink is now available for Windows


After well over a decade, I’ve finally got around to updating Yoink so that it runs on modern computers. Unfortunately, although the original was Mac-only, the new version currently only works on Windows! I have a Mac build underway, but …




It’s probably rude to grab people by the horns, even if you know them.

Welcome to the new Nether website!


After thinking about it for at least twelve years, I’ve finally put together a new website to host my personal stuff. This is going to be a home for my game dev projects, including the unfinished or currently unplayable ones, …


Towers and leviathan


This was originally just a working-up of a loose sketchbook doodle, but it ended up being tangentially related to Phoenix Final, so I’m going to call it concept art for that game!