This is going to be a big list of things that I’ve made. Some of them will be playable games, and others will be extremely unfinished or nothing more than concepts.


I have a long history of making games, but I’ve always found it difficult to completely finish them. Usually I get most of the way through a prototype and then get distracted by other ideas. Still, I’ve managed to make some games that I’m proud of, and I even won prizes in the uDevGame contest a couple of times!

At the moment, most of the games aren’t available to download, either because they’re so old that they don’t work on modern computers, or they just need a lot of work to make them presentable. I am slowly rebuilding things so that they work again. I’ll post updates as new versions appear.

You can play Yoink, though! Give that a try.


Punch alien invaders back into space.


Explore the deep world with Zmiot the demoness, learn about its treasures and try to not break everything on the way through.


Dilli and Rashus embark upon a journey across the desert in their ageing sandcrawler, patching it up with scavenged parts as they go.

Phoenix Final

Defend against leviathan warships with your squadron of bombers.


Drive a space tug and rescue asteroid miners from furious and inscrutable aliens.

Super Phoenix

Speed over a neon city in a never-ending dogfight!